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The most prominent option is probably provided by the Snipping Tool. The program is available on all versions of Windows starting with Windows 7. If you use the keyboard shortcut Alt-key plus Print-key, you take a screen capture of the active program window on the desktop. The capture is copied to the Windows Clipboard from where you need to process it further. Click on New to decide what type of screenshot you Driver want to capture. You can get an image of your entire screen, things that appear in just a window and in a selected rectangle.

Rufus is a free tool with many options to help you create a bootable media of Windows 10 faster. However, it’s important to remember that it’s a third-party option, which Microsoft does not support. Once you complete the steps, the computer can now start from the USB flash drive to upgrade to Windows 10. In this Windows 10 guide, we will walk you through the complete process to perform a clean installation.

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A Windows PC can browse the web, or send an email with just a few button presses. Regardless of what you’re producing, capturing screenshots is absolutely rolling back crucial. They are the easiest way to get some information into some that you’ve made without having to recreate the information again.

  • USB flash drives are very useful, but not everyone has one, and it is not always possible to lay your hands on a Windows recovery disk every time you want to install Windows on your PC.
  • Click on it and you’ll get the snip and sketch editor.
  • Or, upgrade your existing PC to meet the operating system’s tech requirements.

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When completed, you you will be prompted to log into your new Windows 11 desktop using either your Microsoft or local credentials. By using the methods outlined in this article, you can install Windows 11 without losing any of your precious data. But, even though these methods work, there’s always a chance that something can go wrong. Of course, data loss is always a possibility due to circumstances outside of our control. For that reason, keeping a backup on hand is the most effective data protection method.


If you choose Upgrade, you’ll preserve existing apps and files. If you have an OEM computer (e.g., Acer, Dell, HP, etc.), the computer will not have a genuine Windows CD, DVD, or USB thumb drive. Instead, you would reinstall Windows and the software using a hidden partition or a set of restore discs. The steps mentioned on this page would still work, but you’d need a copy of Windows.

Take Screenshot of a Specific Window

Every time you will take a screenshot on your PC, you will get a notification and if you open that notification, you will get all the screenshots which are saved on your PC. This is the easiest method to take screenshots till now because this feature helps the users to set their preferable keyboard shortcut to get a screenshot. If you want to take the screenshot the display screen of your Windows 10 PC and save it as file, then just press the “Windows + PrtScn” keyboard shortcut.

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